Provinces – Am I Allowed To Play?

It is believed that games of chance have been a popular pastime in Canada since the very first colonists introduced it to the country. Throughout the years, Canada has tried to leave the choice to gamble to its own citizens, at least to some extent. This has allowed the growth of both traditional land-based casinos to today’s online gaming platforms, with locally established online casinos being part of the fun too. Conveniently, most provinces in the country also allow casino sites from abroad.

Canada is now widely believed to have one of the most favorable gambling-related laws which have greatly contributed to the evolution of online gambling in the country. Every province has the freedom to set its own laws on the online and land-based gambling sector. Today, almost all provinces have opened up their online gambling markets which has made the launch of Rizk Canada possible in virtually every province in the country. 

In order to be fully prepared for your next spin, we have made sure to come up with a full guide on this topic. Our complete province-related gambling guide includes everything any true Canadian gambling fan needs to know before they sign up for Rizk Casino

Online Gambling in Canada

Like in most countries in North America, there is a lot to say about the history of gambling in Canada. Today’s favorable gambling laws are the result of the reformed criminal code of 1970 that opened up gambling in the country by allowing the individual provinces within Canada to regulate and license gambling-related activities in their regions. This quickly led to the development of a number of land-based casino venues as well as the surge of local lotteries organized by the provincial gaming authorities. 

When the Criminal Code of Canada decided to let the provinces do what they wanted with the gaming rules, most of the regions decided to take a rather flexible approach toward online casino games of chance. Today, the regulation of gambling in Canada follows a pattern that is used by most provinces and is favorable for people who want to play online. This is why Rizk Casino has found its way to most of the provinces in Canada and is widely available throughout the country. 

  • For players: the Criminal Code of Canada is the official codification of criminal acts and procedures and does not explicitly criminalize playing in online casinos. Users will need to meet the minimum legal age in their province to be allowed to gamble.
  • For operators: despite being technically illegal in Canadian law to operate an online casino from the country of Canada without a license, offshore operators are not withheld from offering their services to visitors that are based in Canada.

Provincial Gaming Authorities

Each province has its own regulatory body that continues to modernise gambling regulations and processes in its region. It should be noted that many of these authorities now run their own online gambling portals. For more information about the role of these gaming authorities and the locally offered gambling platforms, we recommend you to check out the websites. For your convenience, we have listed these regulating bodies for you below. The gaming authorities are put into alphabetical order per province.

  1. Alberta: Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission.
  2. British Columbia: BCLC – British Columbia Lottery Corporation.
  3. Manitoba: Liquor and Gaming Commission of Manitoba.
  4. New Brunswick: New Brunswick Gaming Control.
  5. Newfoundland and Labrador: Service NL.
  6. Nova Scotia: Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel and Tobacco Division Service of Nova Scotia.
  7. Ontario: Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.
  8. Prince Edward Island: Prince Edward Island Lotteries Commission.
  9. Saskatchewan: Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority.
  10. Québec: Lotto-Québec.

The Role of the Kahnawake Commission 

While several Canadian provinces have gone ahead and established their own online casino platforms, hundreds if not thousands of other online casino websites already have a helping hand thanks to another regulatory body that is also focused on online gambling in Canada, yet from a slightly different perspective. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission was founded in 1996 and they now license numerous international online casinos to operate around the world. Since the Québec based Kahnawake Mohawk Nation enjoys a sovereign status, they are not restricted to the gambling rules by province and do not have to answer to the Canadian government. Online casinos that hold a license issued by the Kahnawake Commission are therefore not tied to the country of Canada. 

Rizk Casino’s licence

Other countries around the world run similar gaming authorities, with the most reputable ones being the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), commonly used by internationally orientated gaming concerns such as Rizk. The website of Rizk Canada is operated by Zecure Gaming Limited, which holds licences from both the MGA and the UKGC. If you’re after options for online gambling in Canada, you’re well taken care of at Rizk. For more information about our licences and  Zecure Gaming Limited, we kindly refer to our About Us page and our general terms and conditions. 

  • MGA: Zecure Gaming Limited is licensed and regulated by the MGA under sub-licence number MGA/CRP/108/2004-05.
    • Date of issue: May 5, 2020.
  • UKGC:  Zecure Gaming Limited is also licenced and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission under the licence number 056427.
    • Date of issue: February 12, 2020.

Can I Play Online at Rizk Casino Canada?

To give you a better understanding of Rizk Casino’s availability in your province or territory we advise you to check our overview below. Make sure to check back every now and then to see whether the gambling rules in your region have changed. 

Province and TerritoriesRizk Casino allowedMore info
AlbertaYesPeople in this region can sign up at offshore casinos.
British ColumbiaYesPeople in this region can sign up at offshore casinos.
ManitobaYesPeople in this region can sign up at offshore casinos.
OntarioNoRizk Casino does not operate in Ontario.
Newfoundland and LabradorYesPeople in this region can sign up at offshore casinos.
New BrunswickYesPeople in this region can sign up at offshore casinos.
Nova ScotiaYesPeople in this region can sign up at offshore casinos.
Northwest TerritoriesYesPeople in this region can sign up at offshore casinos.
NunavutYesPeople in this region can sign up at offshore casinos.
Prince Edward IslandYesPeople in this region can sign up at offshore casinos.
SaskatchewanYesPeople in this region can sign up at offshore casinos.
QuébecYesPeople in this region can sign up at offshore casinos.
YukonYesPeople in this region can sign up at offshore casinos.

Any winnings from your online gambling activities are not taxable unless your gambling activities are officially considered a form of employment based upon factors such as skills, frequency and expectation of payout. For users merely playing for fun at an online casino, winnings are not taxable. This also applies to Canadians making their wagers on Rizk Casino’s website.