The 1st super race kicks off at 18:00 with a $400 top prize

Rizk Casino is not available to anyone residing in Ontario, Canada.

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Rizk Races

Canadians surely love slots and if you consider yourself a slots pro then you need to join our Rizk Races — at least if you’re up for some competition. Captain Rizk is definitely someone who loves competitions which is why he came up with the idea of launching our Rizk Races here at Rizk Casino. And boy, what a success that has turned out to be. 

Each of our Rizk casino slot tournaments gives you some extra thrills and action as players from all across the world compete against each other. Make sure you’re fully focused as there are major prizes ready to be won by the very best slots pros.

Our Rizk Races are free-to-join and are organized every 30 minutes, this way ensuring that there is always a new tournament coming up. With daily real-money prizes, our Rizk Races are highly popular around the world and Captain Rizk is happy to bring the tournament to Canada. Your main goal? To earn as many points as possible during every race. We’ll tell you everything about the races so that you’ll be fully prepared to compete. 

Always a Race Coming Up

Rizk Races Canada runs 4 times a day, 7 days a week, making sure there is always a new race waiting for you to opt in and play. Competing at our Rizk Races is free for everyone that has an account at Rizk Casino Canada and by going to our Rizk Race page you’ll be able to instantly join the ride. Your mission is to win as many points as possible during the spin and time limit which is really not that difficult if you’re passionate about slot games

Daily $400 Main Race 

Do make sure to be fully prepared for the daily Main Race. This highly entertaining event can pay out up to $400 which is quite a prize for doing something you like. Our daily main Race is also free to join, runs for 6 hours, and will be held for one specific slot game only. If you’re up for great fun and great prizes, this is the race you definitely don’t want to miss out on. And yes, it helps a lot if you’re familiar with the slot game that is used for the race.

Top Racers Featured On Our Leaderboard

The points won during the races are conveniently presented in a complete leaderboard that displays all the results. Accessing the leaderboard is done by clicking on the Race logo, which is displayed on the top right-hand side of your screen. On the leaderboard, you’ll see at a glance how many spins you have left and how much time remains before the end of the race. Both the user names and the points of the Top Racers are shown on the leaderboard, so try to make it your next mission to become one of the Top Racers.

Calculation Of Points

The points you can earn in the Rizk Races are actually very straightforward and can be calculated based on the following information:

  • Every Win gives you +10 points.
  • 3 Wins in a Row gives you +30 points.
  • 3 Losses in a Row gives you +40 points.
  • Big Wins (Minimum of 10x the Original Bet) give you +300 points

Rizk Races Canada Terms & Conditions

All Rizk Casino bonuses, promos, and tournaments come with a specific list of bonus terms and conditions. We advise you to carefully go through them before you opt in and start with your first Rizk Race. Rizk Casino reserves the right to update the bonus rules without prior notification.   

  • All Rizk Races need to be joined before their start time. Not joining a Rizk Race prior to their start time, will mean you will not be able to compete.
  • Rewards gained with the Rizk Races are added to the Rewards Section in your online account after completion of the Rizk Race.
  • In the event of a draw between two or more users, the winner of the Rizk Race is the player who achieved the score first.
  • Only spins that are made within the time frame of the Rizk Race time frame count.
  • Only spins made in a qualifying game after the start of a Rizk Race count.
  • In case of any technical issues, the Rizk Race will be declared invalid.
  • Rizk Races run throughout the day and can be valid only on a selected game. 
  • Users who limit themselves to playing Rizk Race Prize pools only will be excluded from Rizk Casino Canada. 
  • All races, selected games, and start times are announced on the Rizk Race page. 
  • All details such as length, available spins, minimum bet, and available prizes are announced on the Rizk Race page.
  • In case of manipulation of the outcome of a Rizk Race, Rizk Casino Canada reserves the right to(1) close the user’s online account(s); (2) invalidate previous transactions, and/or (3) withhold the user’s winnings.