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Wheel of Rizk

There aren’t a lot of games that are more fun than a good old bonus wheel and this explains why Captain Rizk’s master move to introduce his Wheel of Rizk has turned out to be so successful. The concept of this bonus wheel is as easy as it can be: the more you play in the casino, the more benefits you get as this will make the power bar fill up and trigger the wheel. 

Captain Rizk dares to say that his (our) Wheel of Rizk is one of the key drivers of players to stick around and he must be right as the wheel does make our visitors very happy. The straightforwardness and the fun factor are probably what makes people enjoy it that much: when you get to a new level, you’ll get a chance to spin the wheel filled with great rewards.  

How does the Wheel of Rizk Work?

Make sure to pay some extra attention to the power bar as this will activate the Wheel of Rizk, one of Captain Rizk’s many highlights. The power bar fills up as you make your real money bets and the more you play, the quicker it fills. And the quicker it fills, the quicker it will trigger the bonus wheel. Then there are also different levels as you’ll reach a new level every time you trigger the bonus wheel. Once you move your way up you’ll notice the more exciting the Wheel of Rizk becomes with even better prizes. To understand how this works, please take a closer look at the steps we’ve conveniently summed up below:

  1. Play your Favourite Games: it is really as simple as that. Any real money game you play at Rizk Casino helps you to get closer to Captain Rizk’s bonus wheel. 
  2. Fill the Power Bar: while playing you fill the Rizk Power Bar and the more you bet, the quicker the power bar fills. Almost all casino games contribute and lead you to the Wheel of Rizk. When it fills up, the Wheel of Rizk gets activated.
  3. Spin: time to spin and keep your fingers crossed that a nice reward gets triggered.  Do make sure you activate your spin and get ready for the action that awaits you.
  4. Level up: every time you manage to fill the Power Bar, you will move up a level. The more levels you go up, the more exciting the Wheel of Rizk becomes.
  5. Make it to the Super Wheel of Rizk: for every tenth level you manage to climb you unlock the Super Wheel where even better casino rewards await you. 
  6. Then Spin on the Extra Wheel: what to expect? The best prizes you can think of, include real money, jackpots, free spins, and even double free spins.
  7. Claim Your Wins: whatever prize you win, you’ll be able to claim it via your account. Rewards will need to be claimed within 7 days of last level up. 

Rewards Waiting For You

The Wheel of Rizk quickly managed to become one of Casino Rizk’s main attractions and there are a number of reasons that explain its popularity. We believe that the way we reward our customers is completely different from what most players are used to at other casinos, explaining the widespread success of the Wheel of Rizk across the world. The rewards aren’t bad either and players in Canada will enjoy the following rewards:

  • Bonus Money: earning yourself a golden coin means you will receive free bonus money that can be used to play your favorite online casino games.
  • Jackpots: is activated from level 10, which means that patience is required if you want to go for it. Once activated, you’ll have the time of your life — believe us!
  • Double Speed Chip: if you manage to trigger the Double Speed Chip, the Rizk Power bar will show its true potential reaching up to twice its normal speed. This also means you’ll level up twice as fast and earn twice as many spins.
  • Free Spins: getting yourself the red Free Spins chip means you will get even more spins that can be used for your favorite casino games at Rizk Casino. 
  • Super Spins: the green Super Spins chip gives you extra spins worth C$1 per spin which we believe are always welcome.
  • Mega Spins: the blue Mega Spins chip is enjoyed even more by most of our players as landing on this chip gives you free spins worth C$3 per spin.
  • Watch Out For The Skull: the skull means bad news as you’d expect from a feature with a name like this. If you accidentally hit the skull you won’t win anything. 

Terms and Conditions

There are a few terms that we believe are very reasonable. In order to understand these we advise you to carefully go through them. All rewards that are won with the Wheel of Rizk are wager free. These will need to be claimed within a period of 7 days since your last level up. The Extra Wheel is valid for a period of 24 hours after being unlocked.