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Rizk Sportsbook

Rizk CA casino is a lot more than just an online betting platform. We’re here for the players and have built our reputation on offering our customers nothing but the very best options when it comes to making real money bets on sports. From high-end technologies, the latest promos, and the best odds, our sportsbook has all that it takes to make you enjoy the actions sports bring us even more intensely. As one of our most popular platforms, our widely known sportsbook is where goals get celebrated, points get cheered, and smiles get shared — this is where the magic happens. Rizk Sports is the most competitive platform online where you’ll find live lines for all major sports events, including football, ice hockey, and tennis. Whether you’re a skilled bettor or completely new: everyone’s a winner here. 

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Live betting

Rizk CA always strives to give you the very best odds available. This, combined with our cutting-edge sportsbook product, has helped Rizk become one of the most popular betting websites in Europe and we don’t expect to leave this privileged spot any time soon. Rizk Sports gives players the opportunity to make live bets which will give you even more excitement. Offering highly competitive odds in most of Europe’s sports leagues, we don’t limit ourselves to real-time sports as eSports have become increasingly popular in recent years. No matter what your team is, no matter what sport you like, Rizk is here for you. 

Mobile betting

To even make placing a winning bet even easier, Captain Rizk went mobile and is happy to let you know that our platform for mobile betting smoothens your gambling experience even more. Go ahead and check out our mobile betting app that will allow you to place bets from your smartphone easier than ever before. From regular bets to live betting, our Rizk sports mobile app can do everything you can do on a laptop or desktop screen. When it comes to online betting on the go, the process of placing an online bet on a mobile device has been made as straightforward as possible, allowing you to closely focus on the sports and markets you want to bet on. Bet, play, win — wherever and whenever.

Sports to bet on

One of Captain Rizk’s favorite things about online sports betting is the large number of sports and markets to bet on. There is always a sports event going on making our sports platform one of the most sought-after sections. Football is clearly one of the most popular sports to bet on, but all of the sports available in our sportsbook come with fair odds and all the betting options you can think of. Here’s more about the sports waiting for you: 


You’ll find a wide selection including both the biggest national and international leagues and the lesser-known competitions. Whether it’s one of the most popular competitions such as the Premier League, Champions League, or La Liga fixtures you’re after, or you like to dig a little deeper for all the latest in the Championship and other lower divisions in the world, when it comes to giving you a complete betting lobby, has got the lot. 


Tennis is considered by many as one of the best sports to bet on as it’s (usually) a one-on-one game with nothing but two competitors and one final winner. There aren’t a lot of other sports that can match its intensity and having lots of options to wager on just further sweetens the deal, with bettors able to bet on every point, set, and game. For some of the most sensational odds-on to find in the game of tennis, make sure to note the big events on your agenda, such as Wimbledon, Roland Garros, and the US Open.

Ice hockey

One of the fastest sports to bet on, with action at truly lighting speed, ice hockey has always been popular in Scandinavia and it always will be. Ice hockey, both European ice hockey and ​​North America’s NHL, is extremely fast-paced, full of action, and provides great betting options. Betting on ice hockey games presents enough betting markets to meet all levels of skills, from absolute rookies up to veteran ice hockey bettors.

Formula 1

Formula 1 is undoubtedly even faster than ice hockey and is widely seen as the highest level of single-seater car racing one can think of. With the F1 World Drivers’ Championship among the most respected prizes to be won in the sport, Formula 1 is logically included among the most popular sports to bet on by online players. A broad range of odds and betting options, including on each race, and all of the very Drivers’ Championship futures, are available with Rizk in yet another season of emotion-charged, rubber-burning action.


While rugby might not be equally popular all over the world, the regions that do enjoy it, have a far going passion for everything related to the sport and its biggest games. At Rizk CA, we think that this sport represents the perfect mix of tactics mixed with physical efforts, making it unique from a betting perspective. This is also thanks to the options to enjoy more thoughtful markets opted for the skilled bettors, while newbies can go with their heart and pick one of the easier games to make a wager on. As an extremely high-scoring game, there are plenty of opportunities with regard to over and under-markets. 


For most of the other sports, you’ll find in our sportsbook, we can base our betting calendar around events that take place all year round. Boxing, however, is quite different from other sports and that’s what may be one of the reasons it is so popular in the world. And of course, we’re talking about occasional, but very big-money events here. At the same time, there is this romantic side to it with lots of tradition involved in the sport as some of the biggest fighters made it from old-school boxing rings to thousand-seater stadiums with the world’s biggest celebrities attending the matches in their front row seats. These irregular but highly impressive types of events mean you can get ready for our great promo deals that stand out from the rest. There is no sport to bet on like boxing, those who know, know. 


Based on striking, grappling, and ground fighting, and incorporating techniques from various international combat sports, MMA is home to the world’s biggest fights too. It also offers competitive odds and amazing promos for players and the good thing is that they don’t have to enter the ring themselves to get involved in all the action. MMA’s more scheduled nature means that the smart players have lots of time to do research before eventually making real money bets in our sportsbook. MMA might not be for everyone, but those that can handle it, will have a truly cutting-edge sportsbook to make their bets. 


Not as popular in Europe as in the United States, but the sport definitely earned itself a special spot in Rizk’s sportsbook as Captain Rizk is actually a great fan of the game. Ranging from the world-famous NBA to the European basketball leagues, there are always matches to bet on. Basketball at its highest level is one of the world’s lightning-speed bursts of pure thrills and excitement. All the action takes place in a few minutes, making this sport an amazing option for all sorts of live and prop bets. For everyone into American sports, basketball is perfect for players who love to analyze stats and dive into the game.


For your convenience, we have lumped all eSports together, but they actually require a separate introduction for every game. From CS: GO to League of Legends, and from FIFA to Dota 2, and with plenty of other titles in between, the variety you’ll find in our sportsbook when it comes to eSports is what Captain Rizk would refer to as sensational. We’ll simply say that eSports, on the whole, also reflects an entirely new style of betting, with amazing feats of skills and strategies that have shaken up the sporting world and they, will continue to do so in the next few years. eSports has opened up sports betting to a whole set of fans, giving birth to completely new industry. Rizk is your spot for eSports.